Custom software development company

Custom software development company

Qulix is a highly respected and trusted custom software development company. This company serves customers across different business domains with an objective of ensuring all the customers get high quality IT services. Some of the primary industries that are served by this company include; E-commerce, banking, insurance, finance, internet of things, health and social care amongst others. The company was started back in the year 2000 and since then it has been able to create a big reputation. This reputation is attributed to the company providing its clients with high end software solutions. With sixteen years of experience in information technology the company has gained the ability to deliver solutions which meet the needs of the clients. strives towards maintaining a reputation of a reliable company through earning the clients’ trust. The company also works towards building long term relationships based on the fundamental principles of mutual respect and honesty. Through creating long term relationships with the clients the company is able to provide the clients with maximum value while at the same time mitigating the risk of project overruns. As a result of the efforts applied by this particular company it has been successful in creating long term relationship with the clients with the current longest client engagement being ten years.

This custom software development company also ensures that the expectations of the clients are met effectively. This is achieved through applying a customer oriented approach. The IT consultants from the company analyses the business objectives of each and every customer. After doing the analysis the consultants then help the customers choose the most ideal solutions that are able to produce the desired results. There are more than three hundred full time engineers who are able to handle the clients efficiently. The engineers are properly trained and they have the skills that enable them provide high quality services. Because of the good reputation and provision of high quality services this company currently has more than two hundred customers across the globe.

This company owns a proprietary QA testing lab which allows it to provide high quality QA services. The engineers from the company can verify and validated software products independently. The company also provides consulting services which puts it in a good position to handle client’s needs from the first to the last stage. As a result, the clients are able to get solutions that meet their specific needs. The customers are allowed to take charge and guide the engineers depending on the objectives set. Through the sixteen years that Qulix has been operational it has had numerous successful projects. This is affirmed and supported by the testimonials of past clients of this company. Therefore, Qulix is rightfully a respected and competent provider of custom software development services.

dedicated development team

Custom software development

Dedicated Development Team
HQSoftware can perform the full cycle of programming to form up the massive software product for your business or create a modern mobile app for customer needs. We can fully develop a software product in a outsource mode accordingly to a technical task from our customers.

Highly variable professionals list for your needs

More than 15 years of coding experience and wide range of staff allows us to fully work with front-end and back end development at the most used programming applications. We have experience at:
– .NET
We can work for software modernization and existing environments integration. We can use our skills for custom application development and customization of 3rd party software. To see full list of our custom software development you can visit this page.

Transparent project management for our customers

Our partnership can be based on different engagement models. You can receive bills for time and other productivity expenses. Or select fixed price for your project. We offer cooperation with dedicated teams so you can fully control the cost and progress for all kind of executed jobs.

We have absolutely clear and stable structure for product development you don’t have to build up main pipelines for developers and organize Q&A branch. We have pre-organized methodic to implement in development of any type of software product. All you have to do is to form up a technical tasks and requirements and click here to see guidelines for product development start up.

One of the main advantages for custom software development is very low kick-off period. You can discuss all your technical issues and start project coding in about a couple of weeks. And after all, HQSoftware will perform any required maintenance and support actions after your application is made up. And also we provide products with fixed rate with 180 day warranty term.

Dedicated development team

With al modern experience in growing business the different range of tasks is appear. And very often there are no capabilities to finish up some projects blazingly fast. Your company doesn’t have resources and experience for full-cycle development. Or you don’t have enough time to complete the fully operable product and perform all testing procedures. That’s where dedicated development team is come to use.

Exact match of skills and staff specializations for your project

With our overall experience we can become a part of your business programming product and provide your company with required staff to complete wide variety of programming tasks. You don’t have to spend any time to hire and try to set up a hierarchy and collaboration inside of your branch. Just complete a simple request and we do all other job for you. We will define minor and major specialists and start your project development just in a couple of weeks. We have expert teams in:
– .Net development
– Java

Click here to see our full specialist range and specifications for project branches.

Different models of cooperation

HQSoftware team can accomplish their tasks as extension of your own basic development team or as standalone and full-cycle development and analytics branch. We can also perform a technical supports and maintenance functions after the main project was released.

You can stay in touch with our managers or any member of your outsource team in 24/7 mode according to your time zone. You can choose dedicated developers for your project or hire in the whole team.

You don’t have to worry about deadlines or whole project integrity – our company provides access to any part of a project in any time. In fact, there is no difference in collaboration between your own local team and dedicated development team. And the difference in cost and time expenses is huge. You can visit this page to see other extra benefits for dedicated development team.